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The B2B e-marketplace platform developed by EASYCOM & is a complete solution.

Services provided to suppliers are:

  • The possibility of fitting & display products.
  • Email receiving orders, the order reaches the supplier electronically and there is always written confirmation.
  • Electronic publishing forms such as, Profile & services, technical specifications, manuals, advice & guidance to shops , presentations , promotional video & audio files.
  • Services on-line integrated marketing communication including advertising within the site with special banners, promotions, offers, newsletters, e-mails, etc.
  • Get statistics with detailed market data as feedback for buyer’s preferences, knowledge gaps and gaps in the market, responding to promotions.
  • Consulting services by a specialized team of consultants for products & services.

Easycom offers many significant benefits, since the automation and facilitate communication through our commercial platform leads to cost reduction and creating new growth opportunities.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Advertising & central view products in ready clientele nationwide.
  • Automating processes without errors.
  • Fast order processing.
  • Invoice you to know the shops.
  • Reduce bad debts and unsold inventory.
  • Operation statistics.

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