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The B2B e-marketplace platform developed by EASYCOM & is a complete solution.

The services offered to the stores are:

  • Comprehensive market research making it possible to locate products and suppliers.
  • Access to special rates, because our associates have the opportunity to take advantage of special rates have been negotiated by Easycom.
  • Possibility of electronic ordering process covering all stages like sending confirmation, tracking the order.
  • Tour & automate internal purchasing procedures, such as supporting multiple users per store, with different responsibilities and powers as & create lists.
  • Create statistics on markets.
  • Informative lists the frequency of purchase products.
  • Ability to manage electronic order and even from your mobile phone 24 hours a day.
  • Access to information about products and suppliers with detailed technical specifications.

Easycom offers many significant benefits, since the automation and facilitate communication through our commercial platform leads to cost reduction and creating new growth opportunities.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Fast, security & time saving.
  • Online tracking of your order.
  • Organization & process automation.
  • Multifunctional Support & personalization.
  • Operation statistics.
  • Tips for modern sales techniques.
  • Advertising opportunities.
  • Reduce bad debts and unsold inventory.

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