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About us

Easycom is a modern and dynamic Greek company in sales.
We operate in the wholesale products (B2B) supplying stores building, plumbing, paint stores, tools & hardware, ironmongery and related items.
We provide the opportunity for our partners to find concentrated on a website everything at their store, and many more products to date are not trading. Enabling them to increase their turnover and profitability.
The element that characterizes our services, always with the needs of our partners for growth & profitability is the right planning, accountability and effectiveness, involving a high degree of satisfaction and trust of our partners.
The experience and expertise of our staff in the industry, but also in sales, more than 20 years and advanced technological means give all partners the opportunity to achieve, through our company, increase sales and their profitability.
Every business need of our partners, however small or complex they are, treated promptly and effectively to ensure the financial soundness, and creating goodwill in each operation.
Watching consistently developments in the industry and building modern infrastructure technology and information systems, Easycom is substantially close to businesses who trust in services normalize their functions and ensure delays and errors.
In the modern business environment of the complexity Easycom can become a strategic partner for the company that wants to directly address each change, constantly creating new growth fields.
A key pillar of our philosophy is to maximize the benefit of our partners, creating added value to the property and its activities. With this orientation continually evolve our services and products, so we are always compatible with the business requirements, achieving high performance.
The combination of our corporate strategy and the expertise of our staff is a guarantee containment of operating costs and ensure high yields, for all our customers, supporting practice their business competitiveness.
With modern infrastructure and organization, and utilizing every technological development that normalizes procedures and accelerates the production outcome, Easycom knows what it takes modern business and this is the role that we, responsibly repaying the trust of customers with the best possible result!

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